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Pure Dance Radio UK

Pure Dance Radio UK

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Club, Trance

Pure Dance Radio UK is a regional radio station aired from Brighton Sussex.


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Loving the tunes shout to me and Kayla from California cheers see you in 2024 in Tenerife can't wait.
Shout to the Essex crew see you in Tenerife in June 2024 xxxxxxx
Loving the vibes xxxxx
Big up from the Essex girls x ;) x
Great sounds shout out to Kev and Jo
Shout to me Lou and Jay in Tenerife thanks
Shout to ben and jack in Harlow in Essex cheers
Great seeing you in Tenerife
Big tunes guys catch you in Tenerife
See you in Tenerife in a few weeks x
See you in Benidorm give a shout to Dave and Jenny in Harlow in Essex ty x
Can't wait see you in BENIDORM at summer of love in August x
See you in Benidorm in August can't wait summer of love bring it on
Hello from Germany
WOW big up love from greece
You guys rock see you in benidom
Loving the tunes sending love from Benidorm. x
Summer of love in brighton respect pure dance radio uk also to to sarah k awesome set girl
Loving summer of love fest brighton you guys guys rock x
Love the music big shout to ben and gina in essex x
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