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Irish Internet Radio Stations

Radio station

Power 87

Power 87

Genre:Pop, Dance, Rap/Hip Hop
Phone:(085) 217 1535

Power 87 - Let the force be with you.

Power 87 online Non stop hits.


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I was just going to ask what is that sweet deposition mix that was just played??
Anyone know the sweet disposition remix they play
I love it
Great tuned
Really great , loved it
Great music AMR, way to go :)
Unreal tunes pa
Paa your getting there x
Who’s on tonight there not too bad
Great tunes tonight Well done dj Pa Lee
So many classics, love it
UNREAL : your comment about james should be on 2fm hahahahahahahahahaha what drugs are you on my friend. that comment is quiet sad to be honest. what a load of bull.
House music all night long
This guy james should be on 2 fm
Abstrakt djs are crazy good! Listen to them anytime
Them abstract biys are groovy yup cuz
Love it. Big shout out to Danny and Chloe.
Well said.
Working over seas and was listening last night to a guy I grow up listening to when I was young and it made me home sick for Cork. Then I read some of the comments and that made me sadder. I guess these same 3 or 4 guys putting the comments up and using different names and are X djs who can not get on this station? What I would like to ask you if you take the time to read this is what do you do when your watching Sky and something comes on you don't like? You change the station but you don't text them and bitch. So grow up lads and get a life or do something for your City. I guess these djs are not been paid and it's costing someone money to keep this on air. WELL DONE TO POWER AND THE GUYS BEHIND IT AND THANK YOU.
Only discovered this today. Keep up the great tunes
hi guy's love the station, it sounds great when i listen on my laptop or phone, but on the fm radio its not the same, is there a reason for this? i noticed online sound is ahead of the fm radio sound here in cork you must be running everything through a stream to fm?
About time! Bring back more DJs. Bounce the man! Yaaaah buddyyyy
Bounce back in the house ...where have you been man..great to have you back on airways.....bringing back the good old days .
Cod can yea say happy birthday to my nephew jayden. 10 today tankz xx
Great tunes Cod
Need more Techno shows like tonight
Paa you’re cat
I must agree with Amanda. Must of the time it seems to be allover the place with the music. The weekend seems to be a lot better. Thanks.
Great variety, my 5yr old loves it
sometimes this station is good. other times its not lately. i listen in and i don't know what i'm going to be listen to anymore, sad face. i have being listening to you guy's since October and i love it. but it's a bit of everything now and it's a bit to much for me now. Sorry love Amanda x
Must hand it to ye, Powers been consistent from the off
why you guys playing podcasts? surly you can get djs to fill in instead? not a fan of your podcasts. :-(
thi9s kool
Hi Claire, our website will be launched shortly.
have you guys a website i cant find any? i have googled it and im just getting a stream, thanks
is this just music or is there dj's? i don't hear any
What time is dj go on air?
The force is with me
Where can i find show listings? Thanks.
Please play Nct 127 regular ( english ver
Music is always on point. Fair play
I like it
My dear vince and we all know thats not your name but if you had your facts right then you can comment...klub 87.5 was one of the most popular stations ever in cork and had the listeners to prove it over 4 years..not like any station you were involved in..point 2 mr mealy is not current owner or ceo of power..fm..so get your facts right before you spout rubbish..
Love the music between 5 and 6 :)
as long as mr mealy is the owner of this station it will take off and die a death like klub 875
my two pence on this station, just scanned the radio to see why..this pirate station is now linking to studio and is having issues with it linking like before as KLUB FM 87.5..same owners i believe..now playing podcast on air saying and they never would by the owner from when i was in cork months ago listening to klub on air..thats a bit strange as its the same owners..its only a matter of time that dublin comes down from what i hear..and thats in writing as far as im aware. go luck to all involved.
I'm finding your signal has got weaker on FM? are ye on lower power? i have done noting different yet it's bad in places where it wasn't before in the car!
Great to hear you back on the air brother!
Locked in Johnzo, keep that fire burnin
Jimmy I love you
Unreal, the tunes have been pumping non stop since 6 !! Keep up the great work lads.
Amazing music
Best radio in Cork - that’s music
Quality hammy
Dile que tú eres mía, mía Tú sabe' que eres mía, mía
Love this!!!
Thanks for the feedback Christian.
Came across power over weekend..brilliant sound super music ..a welcome addition to the cork airwaves...its taken pirate radio in cork to a higher level..keep up good work .
First time tuning in today, first of many! Great job johnzo!
Go on ya good thing. Juanzo Plays some serious tunes.
Tunes pumping in London
Roy keane? Is that really you
John’s show is always banging. My patients even enjoy the tunes. Keep it up Roisin - Staff Nurse
First, i like to say great job. Klub was dead and it was a great move to re-brand, i was saying it for 2 years. your audio sounds 100% online, But you need to work on your sound on FM. its over compressed.and lacking MPX PEQ Width Oct level. Just Feedback, well done on the re-brand, and good luck
Finally a good station in Cork
Listening on the start of the dial on 87.50 just I'm in Helland in Cornwall on bodmin Moor great station can you play zara larson lush life
Tunes are Savage
This station might as well be called "James K" FM
Big up from the Portlaoise posse, keep em BANGIN knob hedz
Listened to Johnzo today top music, i like Tiago James Kay and Vibe they all place nice hiphop. Kyle in limerick
John doing Ballylanders proud
Less trance more rap. Up the Hayes'
Johnzo is killin' it
Love from TDot
Hey guys ! Loved it tonight! It was banging, loved the trip to France , Netherlands and back . Only thing missing was a bubbly bubbly loved it MORE Prz
are you gonna get in our feelings?? kee kee
Good stuff Bro! Keep it up!
Yeeeeeeeeeettt Lit. me luvin this
Thanks for the flow! Daaaamnn give us some more
Big Up King P....
Great world musical mix listening from Yaounde Cameroon
This is something else PEL19 thumbs up
Loving it! These guys need to have permanent sets in the clubs!
All the best to all the lads at power ✌️✌️
O.S, resolving issue thanks for feed back.
The mic sounds like it's in a tin can right now. good luck with everything though!
Great Music

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