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Nonstop Casiopea

Nonstop Casiopea

Country: Japan
Genre:Jazz, 80s, Japanese Music
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Nonstop Casiopea - Fusion Radio - Dedicated radio station to Casiopea (カシオペア) the world famous Japanese fusion band.

Peaking in the mid 80's, Casiopea has kept the cool with Smooth jazz tunes to upbeat fusion.


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YAHHHH. I thought Casiopea Live Stream was going to be gone for good. SO GLAD THEY'RE BACK UP.
Hi John They are BACK now.
Anyone have any idea if Nonstop Casiopea is going to be back on the Internet and Insternet Radio?????
Yeah, what happend? Missing those guys, and their fantastic tunes
What happened to the Casiopea music? Dead Air ever since the Aurora Borealis.
This is the first time I have listened to your station and I am enjoying it.