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Music is Magic

Music is Magic

Country: Canada
Genre:Pop, Old Pop

Music is Magic info, first of all I wish you a lot of listening pleasure on this station… the idea behind the name of this station is that music can do wonders to our mind, music brings back memories of those good times from the past or if you are having a bad day, play music and it makes the day a lot better. It is real magic for our feelings and we would like to share that with you. On this radio station you mainly hear music from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, of course contemporary music is also regularly heard.

Most of the time you can listen to our Magic Auto DJ who will spoil you with the best hits. Sometimes there is a DJ Live with a varied program or a certain theme… it is always a surprise when exactly that is, as there are no fixed times planned for this at the moment.

There will also be no commercials shown on this station, so we are commercial-free, which is really enjoyable

We at Music is Magic hope to make your day completely better with the magic of music.


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