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Kink Radio

Kink Radio

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Adult hits, 90s, Club
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Sometimes you just want to listen to kinky, fun music that represents your ideas and beliefs. Kink Radio is a radio designed from the ground up to bring those ideas to life in a creative and resourceful manner. We established Kink Radio with the idea of bringing in creativity and versatility at the highest possible level.

Our focus with Kink Radio is to provide the best online radio experience for people that are a part of the LGBT community. We play a variety of songs, covering genres like techno, pop, EDM, house and many others. The way we started Kink Radio is through the combination of hard work between multiple DJs. We wanted to offer people a way to listen to the music they want and just cherish the experience in a fun way. That’s where this radio comes into play, and it does bring in front an exciting and very fun experience for everyone.

Plus, we are always engaged with the community and we listen to you. If our community is interested in having fun and exploring new music, or you just want your type of music to be showcased on our radio, we can do that for you. Our radio runs 24/7 and it gives you cool, fun music that will lift your spirits at any given time. All you have to do is to check out Kink Radio right away and we guarantee you can have a whole lot of fun.

You can find Kink Radio on mobile too, thanks to Zeno Radio. So don’t hesitate and give us a shot right now, immerse yourself into the coolest and most interesting music out there. We are always excited to have new listeners, and we are ready to offer the coolest musical experience you want to experience. Give Kink Radio a try today!


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