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Keltic Country Radio

Keltic Country

Country: Northern Ireland
Genre:Celtic, Country
Phone:02882 841960

Dedicated to Country Music, Keltic Country combines both radio and tv and it's where you will hear the best Country and Irish music all day, every day.

With a special dedication to Irish Country Artists and rising talent.


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Fantastic Radio station, fantastic music and fantastic presenters. Just love it xx❤️
Wonderful station with great DJs playing the best music
GOODDAY from Australia bloody good station.
Goshen, Ohio
Check me out every Wednesday on Keltic country from 3pm to 4pm Irish time
Sitting out in the night air listening in Bailieborough Cavan
Very good! Listen in Estonia.
A great mix of country American and Irish music Me and the dog have moved in
Great music Fabian. Any song will do.
A great mix of counter American and Irish with a great sound brilliant music
Great Sound My kind of country
Thank you , enjoying radio as it should be , luverly
Hi Lauren ,first time listening in, loving the music, any chance of playing Claudia Buckley Thanking you.
Just checking is this how the live chat feature works