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JFM Radio

JFM Radio

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Soul, Funk, Jazz

JFM Radio playing Classic Jazz Funk & Soul 24 hours a day, worldwide.

From the past into the future.

A brief history.

JFM (1980-1985) was a spin-off from the long established Radio Jackie and formed the first of a new generation of unlicensed jazz funk and soul radio stations, broadcasting on VHF in the London area. It quickly attracted top club DJs of the day, and the interest of many record labels and music promoters as the audience grew to rival and surpass London’s legal radio stations. Its influence still resonates to this day, its format and activities still very much alive in current soul stations. Our mission is to preserve and celebrate the legacy of JFM and to engage in future projects for your enjoyment: for ex-presenters, ex-listeners and those who’d just like to find out more about the roots of the soul radio scene. JFM’s founder and sole owner Brian Anthony had already endorsed this project, prior to tragically losing his life in a car accident in 2021. Hence, this non-profit venture starts right here in memory of a man who drove the whole thing forward, as well as being a colleague and a now much missed long term family friend.


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