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Global Radio Cork (DAB+)

Global Radio Cork

Country: Ireland, Cork
Genre:House, Techno, Dance
External Live StreamFormatBitrate;stream1700258639718/1mp3256

The underground sounds of Global Radio Cork bringing you the newest and freshest house music and much more from around the world!

We bring you the worlds best radio shows from the best DJs and Procuders from across the planet! 


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Fab melodies Louise. Keep them coming...
Hi Girl, We are "GROOOVIN" in Kent. Have a fab tunes listening to your tunes. Granda dancin on the tables!!!!
Great listening for a hot summer night. Da Costa rocks
Weekend begins with Da Costa
Great to hear Da Costa on the air.❤️ Fab number running up the hill. Weekend begins here
Great show. Fab number Kate Bush running up the hill. Da Costa rocks ❤️
Great show from Da Costa weekend begins here ☘️
I really enjoy Mark t Friday sessions. He plays all. The new tunes and best mashups..... The show is a great bit of versatility.... Never a dull. Moment.
Sounding great mate, dancing about making the birthday dinner x
Great to hear you back on the radio Havin a dance session in the lounge. Wahay......
Soooo happy to have Da Costa back on the air waves to take away those Jan blues. You were sorely missed ❤️
We are havin a funky time here Lou Dancin round the handbags!!! Your the best... Wahay.
Hi Lou, Love the tunes. Keep them coming. We are GROOVIN.
Great tunes tonite from Da Costa ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️
Great to have Da Costa back on the air waves. Fri ain't the same without her
Best show of the week
Serious Tunes Louise DaCosta!!!
Fantastic number A life in photos. Well done Louise ❤️
Am lovin the tunes Louise. Keep them coming.
Great to be on the show tonights Guest Mix 6.30pm-7pm
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