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FrogEyes Radio

FrogEyes Radio

Country: United States
Phone:(478) 550-8196

At FrogEyes Radio we play the music that doesn’t get played.

We’ve created a platform where musicians at all levels of their career can be heard.

We play music by up-and-coming, independent and main stream artists.

We’ve connected with each artist and received their personal “go-ahead” to play their music on our station. Cool, Huh?

We also carry podcasts and radio shows like "Pops & Peas – A Father and Daughter Podcast", "FLASHBACK Top 10", and "LIVE from the Studio with G2".

We’re always looking for new artists.

So if you are a musician looking for a place to call home contact us and submit your work.

We’ll work with you to get you on our platform.

Tune in and ENJOY!


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