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Digital Revolution Radio

Digital Revolution Radio

Country: United States
Genre:Metal, Rock, Classic rock
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Digital Revolution Radio rocking since 2007

We are not just a local station but global heard everywhere we are a rock and metal station with full staff of broadcasters..

We specialize in promoting the unsigned independent artists with a twist of mainstream added in to the programs..

About Digital Revolution Radio

Digital Revolution Radio Founded in 2007 by Sondra Lupulio Sego aka Lady Sondra. It all started when I joined Facebook and got involved with the music community. I had seen that there was to be an interview with one of the Artists that I really liked, DJ ASHBA. This interview was taking place on Powerhouse Mix Radio. So I clicked the link that brought me to the Radio Station. I joined the Chat Room and started socializing with all the people that were in there. I made friends with the station owners and all the people in that chat. So after the interview, I was hitting up this station every day and I totally loved what they were doing with the music scene. I was totally involved at this point, I started helping out the station owners finding bands to spin on their station and getting interviews for them as well with these bands. A year went by, the station owners and myself became very close at this time. I finally became a DJ on the station to Lady Sondra's Rock Cafe. I was having a blast. So moving forward, the station owner had things going on in her personal life that kept her from staying focused. She knew I could handle the station, so I offered to buy the station and I did. It started out as Digital-Revolution-Radio then decided to take the hyphens out and since 2007 to current, we are

We are a fully licensed radio station. For each spin of the band's music that is registered with BMI-ASCAP-SESCAP-SOUNDEXCHANGE, you are paid royalties. Every band that has submitted their music to the station, I personally make sure that you're getting enough airplay after your debut on a Broadcaster's show. Also, I wanted to tell all the bands that I do not charge for your airplay, and I would never ask for any money. Your music gets spun all over the globe whether or not you're in the chat room! Asking for money or being in a chat room for your music to be spun doesn't sit well with me, as I have seen a lot of stations that do this. I'm so against it!

I am very proud of the station and all of the Broadcasters that are part of the Family here. They have helped make it possible to keep things going with their awesome shows. Over 9 years, I had Broadcasters come and go, but it is very hard to become a Broadcaster on Digital Revolution Radio. Why I say that is because you have to be totally passionate about the music, the bands, helping promote these bands, and stick with it. If you have been following us from the beginning, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Digital Revolution Radio is going stronger than ever now. I will say that it's not easy; it is a lot of work, but I stuck with it all this time because of the passion I have for the music community.


To all the Bands that have submitted their music to the family here at Digital Revolution Radio, keep it coming. Your music is in great hands.

Sondra Lupulio Sego Founder/CEO/General Manager of Operations and Promotions Contact Information: [email protected]


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Too much talking
25th Mission here whats up all????
Robbero Bobbero with TIDAL WAVE really kick ass!!! Wow wow wow
Fire in the basement AWESOME
Awesome interview with STEPCHILD
Been on this station for almost a decade and loving every minute of it. Come check us out!!! Your next favorite song is a listen away!!!
as the guy who kicks off Digital Revolution Radio's schedule off on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 6AM EST, I implore you to give us a listen. There is not one weak link in the chain that is our station. You're sure to be entertained no matter what time you decide to tune in to us
Digital Revolution Radio brings you the best in new music everyday from Metal, Rock, and anything in between.. Rocking the globe 24-7 You can download the official mobile apps for all of your devices or just visit us on the web at also streaming live on facebook just click the radio-plug-in. Too many platforms to name.. Join in the chat as well by creating a username and a password it's that easy.. We have so many live shows on the station that you will definitely enjoy!! this is the station owner writing this little blog.. we have been rocking the globe since 2007 and we will continue to bring you the best music..