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Deep House Radio

Deep House Radio (DHR)

Country: Ireland, Cork
Genre:House, House, Electronic

DHR Deep House Radio - The Deeper Sound Of The Underground.

Quality Deep Underground House Music 24/7.

Deep House Music Radio ( DHR)  Cork City, Ireland.

Deep House Radio Ireland live streaming on LiveRadio platform.

Premium, uninterrupted stream is available to Patreons.


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Website - Apps available on Google Play and Apple Store. Premium uninterrupted and in higher quality available to our Patreons . See website for more details. Thanks for tuning this way !
I'm sorry to hear the adverts every 15 minutes annoy you. Just so you know, those who do join up, don't hear the relentless adverts, don't get annoyed and usually end up subscribing long term due to the quality of the music and they understand, it ain't gonna fund itself ;) It's either that or no station. Thanks though for your input though. I'm glad you enjoy the music,
Love the music, but those relentless adverts asking people to pay money to fund your station is beyond annoying now, every time they come on I switch it off. Bottom line is the station is great but it's not a listeners job to fund your station, it sounds like a charity and is extremely annoying.
Real good variety of deep house music
Best Vibes in the net, very good job! Thanks in advance :-) Jaykay from Munich
Perfect for home office :)
Website - iTunes app - Android app - ... Based in Cork, Republic of Ireland. Thanks for listening
ottima stazione radio
Super. Plays every day in the office
The best on the web for proper deep house music