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There is one public radio channel (Public Radio of Armenia) broadcasting nationally. Dozens of private radio stations (Radio Ardzaganq, Radio Jazz, Radio Avrora, Radio Van, Nor (New) Radio, Radio Hay, City FM, Avtoradio, etc.) cover only the central region, or specific localised regions.
Radio is a popular form of entertainment in Armenia. It has the least politicised atmosphere. Most stations broadcast a wide range of music: traditional (Radio Hay FM 104.1 MHz), European, American and Russian pop music (Radio Van FM 103.0 MHz, Radio Ardzaganq FM 103.5 MHz, Radio Avrora FM 100.6 MHz, etc.), classical (Vem Radio FM 101.6 MHz). There is one station in French, (FM-102.4 French programme) which provides news, analysis, music, and also broadcasts some programmes in Russian and German.
Generally, news and information are provided daily in Armenian and Russian, but not in English. The Azatutyun (Freedom) radio channel broadcasts news and analysis three times a day using the Radio Yerevan FM 102.0 MHz station; it is highly rated.  Source: - Media Landscapes: Armenia

Where is Armenia?

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Armenia is a Caucasus country with 3.2 million residents. Its neighbours are Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran. The borders with Iran and Georgia are open. In recent years, as well as in the present, efforts have been made to improve the relationships with Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Armenian media is covering these events closely.