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Andorra Radio Stations Online - Free Streaming

The history of radio in Andorra started back in 1935. It was then that the first Andorran radio station was given acceptance for development under the guidance of the Bonaventure Villa Concession. The actual broadcasting started 4 years later in 1939 and the person who made it happen then was Jacques Tremoulet. He was also the owener of Radiophonie du Midi, an important broadcasting company.

Some of the most popular modern radio stations are La Veu, Andorra 1, Proxima FM, Radio Valira, Radio Andorra, Andorra Muscia, RTVA, Radio Principat and Andorra 7 Radio. Folk is among the favourite music styles in Andorra and folk dances have become famous worldwide. News and good music is what is being broadcasted in the case of most radio station programmes featured by these radio stations. The radio stations as well as the television channel and the ATV all broadcast in Catalan.

Where is Andorra?

Andorra Radio Stations Online - Free Streaming

Andorra is a microstate from Southeastern Europe. It is located in the Pyrebees mountains and its main borders are France and Spain. It is included among the smallest six nations in Europe. Its estimated population was estimated at 85.000 inhabitans in 2012. Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra which is also the highest capital city in Europe.