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Chill-On-The-Go Radio

Chill-On-The-Go Radio

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Chillout, Dance, Electronic
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The best chillout & dance 24/7.

About Chill-On-The-Go Radio

Chill-on-the-go originally began in 2017 when DJ Thom Norton was shuffling through his music collection and decided to create a playlist for any music that could fit into the 'chill' genre. This expanded very quickly and he realized there was potential to share some of his collection with the world. So the chill-on-the-go radio show was launched, a weekly hour-long show with three sections - new music, selections from the song archive, and a themed section at the end of each show. Friends of thom provided occasional guest mixes. The show ran until mid-2019, clocking up 133 weekly episodes. After a short break, thom teamed up with DJ Joshua Rachmaninoff to launch the folk radio show, a monthly show recorded live in the space bar Folkestone. It was decided that thom would use the first hour of the show to feature his latest song selections. Then in march 2020, something called covid-19 happened... After a few months on lockdown, Thom decided to turn chill-on-the-go into a 24-hour nonstop radio station. Organizing all his cot playlists into themes that would suit different times of the day - shuffle/dance/Afterhours/sunrise. With a bit of help and encouragement from the only grassroots music venue in Folkestone, his workplace and spiritual home - the chambers, the station were launched to the public on 31/08/20.


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