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Bonkkenks Nostalgic Radio Ch.1

Bonkkenks Nostalgic Radio Ch.1

Country: Indonesia
Genre:Pop, Oldies, 70s

Music is present in our lives alongside our existence on earth. It’s believed as a mark of human civilization. Music evolved from a simple form of language to something way more complex that echoes beauty in the world.

There were times when various types and genres of music were created and born through loyalty and dedication from many music artists. These incredible great artists and their music are no longer well recognized today as trends keep on changing from time to time.

As music enthusiasts, we have to support, appreciate, and respect these legendary musicians by keeping their beautiful voices and sound listened to. This nostalgic online radio is here to broadcast their music to the air for every one of us, especially for our young generation, therefore from today onwards, they can also appreciate the good old music as much as the old generation does. In the world of music that we love, hopefully, this online radio can serve its purpose.


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