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BBC Radio 5 live

BBC Radio 5 live

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:News, Sport
Phone:0500 909 693
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BBC Radio 5 live is the BBC's home of breaking news and live sport - and where your stories come to life.

BBC Radio 5 live is the rolling News and Sport talk radio network from the BBC, available on radio, on digital and online.

BBC Radio 5 live Slogan:

On digital and online, this is BBC Radio 5 Live
First for breaking news, and the best live sport
The World Cup Station
The Olympic Station

BBC Radio 5 listen live on LiveRadio 24/7.


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why were the english football team on their knees before the game with Iran?....Die on your feet or live on your knees.
Can anyone guess why I'm getting a voice message "Calls to this number [08085 909 693] are barred from your phone? Also: is there nu e-mail for (amongst others) Nicky Campbell? Some messages are too long/complicated to express in a brief phone call?
In 1970, English football sides were only allowed 1 X substitute. At the most these sides only had 14 man squads in Division 1 as it was called then. The pitches were like Farm yards instead of professional football pitches.And then you played against players like Chopper Harris and Tommy Smith.... Please remember those days...
love to enjoy Jim's program,hope Britain will get better soon.And this is from China, we support British people and you are sooo great and kind. AND I hope one London driver Mason McQueen and his family is safe and sound as well as others.
Can I get live football on 5 Live in Ireland.
The honorable gentleman is out of order to the right honorable lady here here ….and so on....
I was listening to Radio 5 yesterday afternoon around 1520. There was a poem being read with regard to strong women. Where can I get a copy of this poem please