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Baila Radio

Baila Radio

Country: Greece

Cosmopolitan Music


Baila Radio is a web radio station created to broadcast Cosmopolitan Music all over the world. In this web radio with one click you travel from the depths of Asia, to the French Riviera, back to the shores of Portofino (where you find your love), and back to Greece again listening to the sweet melody of iorgos Hatzinassios, who instead of stopping at Athens, you take the ferry to Agistri.


This beautiful trip back in time does not only consist of European sounds, where you can tie anchor in some coastal part of the Iberian Peninsula, but you can - at the same time - enjoy Cuban rum, along with Buena Vista Social Club, Tito Puente, Xavier Cugat, in a parallel universe, but in the blink of an eye, anything can happen.


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a bad copy of mancode...