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Angel Radio

Angel Radio - Havant

Country: United Kingdom
Genre:Oldies, Nostalgia
Phone:023 9248 1988
External Live StreamFormatBitrate

Angel Radio - Europe's leading nostalgia radio station for older people.



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Really great radio station - I listen to it a lot here in the U.S.A. Thanks to everyone for their hard work - especially Simon.
Decent music actually FINISHED with the Beatles.
Just discovered this out of my area (East Kent) station on my, Christmas present internet radio - absolute bliss ! Keep up the good work.
Such a great shame we can no longer pick Angel Radio up here in Guernsey on digital radio. I used to listen to it every day. There is no other station as good as Angel. A great loss.
I first heard this fabulous station whilst driving on the M27 near Portsmouth. I listen on the internet at home because the FM signal doesn't reach where I live. I love music from the thirties and forties even though I was born in the sixties. Please keep up your great work. From a dedicated listener.
What a Grand Radio Station you are. I have been a regular listener over here in the south of Germany for years. Thank you so much for giving me such pleasure in my late 70s. BRAVO and 'Hals und Beinbruch' as we say in Germany. I love you all .....
This is the most wonderful radio station. Since discovering it I no longer listen to Radio3 perpetually. Plays music that I remember from my youth. (A bit more Trad jazz would be good ). Wonderfully uncomplicated.
I have just listen to A.R.S all day as I have got shot of the tv now they want me to get a licence at my age of 88 year young should have done it long ago It is nice to know that A.R.S a local station is almost wold wide KEEP UP THE GOOD SHOW
I recently came across your station via a radio-app on my smartphone -- and I must say that I LOVE your station, and also your PROGRAM-HOSTS are DELIGHTFUL! Intelligent, thoughtful, and PERSONABLE! I also enjoy hearing many of the hit-songs that I grew up with, so unbelievably-many years ago! For example, I was a teenage summer-camp counselor when Chubby Checker had his "Let's Twist!" breakthrough-hit -- and now you just played it! Wow! And, "California Dreaming" by The Mommas and The Pappas -- double-Wow! Keep it up! By the way, I am not in the UK -- I am elsewhere on this planet, if you want to know.
Always relaxing programmes and the team work is fantastic. It's never too much to play my requests on the request shows. Thanks
Hello from Cement City, Michigan USA. We love listening to your show whilst working jigsaw puzzles. The music played on your show brings back memories of family members still with us and those have have moved on. Thank you all so much from cement city Michigan the heart of America.
So wounderful to hear your Programm , even as I had no Chance to listen for about 6 Month (was very ill) Your Programm makes my laugh and Happy .. I hope I can listen for a Long time. --- Sorryx about my poor english
Fiquei emocionada de saber da proposta de radio produzida por voces. Parabéns.
Angel Radio is a brilliant idea. I read about it first yesterday in the german Geo Magazine and listen now the very first time ever to your music. Go on I wish we would have such a wonderful station over here. By the way it is not only honorable but also a wonderful idea to let elder people create and present this radio shows, they will appreciate it and find out that old people are still very precious for the society and the younger ones. I´m very sad to hear that Audrey died .... May God be with her. Glad that you still keep her shows up and go on like this. Thumbs up . Greetings from Berlin
Glad to report I can get the station again. A word of advice to presenters; never talk down a record. If you do not like something, don't play it. Saying something bad about a record does nothing for listeners but alienates some.
All of a sudden the station does not play for me any longer - something about my computer too old (2012) and needing an updated plugin. I can get all the other stations so this is a mystery. Pity.
Forgot to mention - one of the radioauckland sites is now streaming at You must put this in the address bar and go to it. It is too recent to show up in searches.
Huuhuuu ... so wounderfull to listen to this Sender AND you speak nice slowly and so I can understand all (ok--most ;-) ) ... Your Sender ist now ** on** from the morning till the evenig and makes my happy during my work I have a Ironingstore (Bügelstube) in my house. Hope to come over to visit you once. ...
Delightful! I have just found you through a New Zealand site
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