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RTÉ Lyric FM

RTÉ Lyric FM

Genre:Classical Music
Phone:(061) 207 300
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RTÉ Lyric FM - Where Life Sounds Better

RTÉ lyric fm is an Irish classical-music radio station, owned by the public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ). The station, which is based in Limerick, was launched in 1999 and is available on FM in Ireland, on satellite, on Sky Digital in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and via the Internet.

Aodan Ó Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm radio internet, said: “Without doubt RTÉ lyric fm is for listeners that are looking for a real alternative. With an increase in people tuning to the station ‘where life sounds better’ across weekends, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste for specialist or more mainstream music.”


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I have been tuning in here in HK for nearly 20 years to Lyricfm and find it most relaxing. Turning on "Music through the Night" at 8 am HK time (Midnight in Ireland) sets up the day nicely. I used to enjoy Trish Taylors morning programme until she moved to a Sunday afternoon programme. Now of course it is Marty that I enjoy every weekday and George Hamilton scores on Sunday - not so many travel stories nowadays George! Bye the way does Trish do any broadcasting now. Many thanks to all at Lyric, keep up the good work.
Great show altogether ..... :) I wish the mp3's attempt of format and bit rate could be improved ! .. to do justice to the music that's all, especially these kind of frequencies, deserve better
I stil5xyl miss the presenter of Gloria on Sunday mornings. Tim Thurston was his name. I never did find out why he was made redundant overnight especially as he was doing a magnificent job. He was brilliant at jazz too. Does anyone know why RTE got rid of him?
Agree with John Sheehan - Vlad’s show is a wonderful exploration of music. A feast for the ears. The programming is superb. Marty in the Morning is brilliant, as are Liz, Aideen, Mystery Train, Blue of the Night, et al. Thank you
Vlad Smishkewych is a National Treasure - should be given honorary citizenship for his contribution to culture.
We live in Melbourne, Australia. Visited Ireland last August and used to listen to Lyric whilst driving in our rented car. Great music and presenters. Now, back home, we listen to Marty because he begins at our 6pm. Considering visiting again next year but only to Dublin to visit the new Literature museum. X
Super relaxing Music, a class part from mainstream radio. Congratulations to all the Lyric FM team and continued success going forward.
Lyric fm is the best radio station in Ireland both marty wheelan morning show and Lorcan Murray's drive time show are superb along with aideen gormleys weekend musical and movies matinees.
Love Lyric from the day it started. Listened to Marty every morning. Sent in loads of birthday and special requests down the years which were always played. My special brother John’s face lights up when he hears his name mentioned. You make his day. Your presenters are so kind, informative and entertaining. We leave the radio in the kitchen on permanently. We can never thank you enough. You make our day. Carmel.
Why would RTE in its lack of wisdom want to close such a gem as lyric fm Such a shame.
What would do without Marty & Lyric fm No matter where we are in the world My husband & I listen to him Brilliant morning listening Keep it up
Great as always.No pollution on Banna Strand thus no worries re hairline.Let me know when and where you saw a Dark Spark. Live life. Dick Spring.
Loving your show, Marty here in Perth West Australia,..but at times you sound a bit like my old friend Sir. Terry Wogan RIP. Thank you for all the great music.
From Oakland, California -- I've been listening to RTE regularly since a year ago, when I took my first trip to your wonderful and lovely country. I really enjoyed Marty in the Morning during my visit there. Lyric is awesome! :-) Keep it up.
Congrats to all the team in Lyric fm Love you Marty...
Blue of the night - with Brendan Clarke is the best , at the moment I'm listening to Aedin Gormly's Sunday Matinee 1pm - 4pm , heavenly
Interesting darling , please tell me more .
Oh I love the new fishnet stockings my mother purchased for me and the other naughty things and modeling consumes me ….Oh for joy....and my new leather skirt is to die for .
GuiseppeF so you did not post the last few posts I wonder who done it ? I would just ignore them like rodger on the 22 nd Feb and GuiseppeF on the 6th Feb , now enjoy the music .
(for those who have no interest - please ignore) TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT As is evident, anyone can assume/steal any poster's name on this forum: the last few posts attributed to me fall into this category. Two clues to such false posters: (i) bad grammar, especially re punctuation; (ii) substantively, ludicrous and sometimes spiteful remarks. Apologies for the distraction - the record needs to be set straight, albeit a distraction from listening to the music!! And could those silly posters please find some other little thing to do?
Anyone looking for 10 inches of pure pleasure, hit me up. Have some 'classics' for the elightened punter. Afternoon dress wearers most welcome.
Great station except nobody knows the music or artist ! please put it under the volume bar, THANK YOU !
Ok ok I admit it...I'm an idiot who likes to take on other peoples identites on chat lines and presumably wear a somebody else's mothers dress (whatever ??) while presumably fantasising about poor sad Bernard Clark. Help help...I'm actually an idiot...and have lost all credibility as a contributor....
Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Germany in 1685 his family was distinguished in that more than several generations he lost both parents as a child and an elderly brother acted as a guardian and showed little sympathy for his musical talent .
I wish they had the title of the music/artist where it has Lyric RTE FM like they do on "Kiss Classical Ireland" I'm enjoying this station .
I understand DavidS but its worth the wait to hear the finest music my dear ,I'm sure you look lovely in you're new dress darling , did you know that Bach was born in Germany in 1685 and that his family were upper class such as I ,.....I frown on the working class they are beneath me , good day to you.
I like to listen to this station as i enjoy Mozart and Bach I also like to sit in my parlor adorned in the pretty dress that my mother picked out for me as I sip on a glass of the finest wine,ta ta .
That's the easy part Guiseppe...and of course he does that almost as well as say..John Kelly. The real talent is to understand the value of minimal interference between the tracks or better still, silence. Think wispering Bob Harris etc. Clark's big problem is that he cannot manage the old ego and turns the shows into rambling nonsense,really about himself. Much to learn...in the meantime we all the poorer for it. Please shut up between the tracks Mr Clark ! Let the music speak !
I think Bernard Clarke is fabuloso: anyone who can follow Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin with Mozart has my undying admiration!!
Love this channel ! but.....is just me or is Bernard Clark the most irritating,shallow, insincere, pretendy expert... pretendy into everything...(with the single worst pronunciation of European names !) ever ? Love the channel but what a lost opportunity that so called presenter is !!...isn't there anybody else in Lyric who could bring genuine knowledge and emotion to this fantastic programming ??
Hi Edward, obvs. free speech isn't a license for deliberate offensiveness: this reached toweringly obnoxious proportions in the closed chat room. Some of this stupidity (in a diluted form for now) is evidenced by the poster below who has taken my handle to write nonsense (apart from the substance, another clue as to impostership is that these posters can't write properly - grammar lessons, boys?)
This music is great and Im sitting here enjoying my donuts and milk , I take my hate out on everyone I think doesn't like me and I throw things on the floor ….. there screw u …...I live at home with my mother and I play chess but I lose to better players DUH .
Yes Jesse I could not agree more , simply block any bad language is a good idea but blocking someone's point of view is censorship and against freedom of speech that's what Hitler started with …..you know the rest of the story …..I enjoy you're site and thank you .
John Deane, chat room is temporary closed. Bad language is not tolerated anymore. We will improve chat room and return.
Can anyone tell me, what has happened to the Chat-room box?
There is a God and He/She runs Lyric!
If it wasn't for Lyric FM and headphones some of my work colleagues would not be alive today :):):)
Bernard Clarke spinning great toons per usual!!
erm, @Elaine Grimman, what on earth does this comment mean?
Please advertise your text number/name
Marty - can you help? its an emergency!!. you played a song / script about a chap learning the piano in 3 days - like a symphony learning - ie, almost impossible - it was very very funny and superb and I think it was Kenneth Williams but can't find it anywhere - do you happen to have the name? many thanks indeed. and thank you for the great shows!
Is anyone else enjoying the Gavin Bryars interview as much as I am? Who knew that he has all Tiny Tim's albums!!
By the power of my new Samsung galaxy phone I just want to say Thank You to the legend that is George Hamilton for The Hamilton Scores every weekend on Lyric Fm. Essential listening and a joy to listen to. All the best George.
Music selection is superb. Keep up the good work.
Beautiful piece played around 8.10 but missed the title of the piece. Anyone remember?
Ihave just listened to the most appalling rendition of the Beethoven 7 th. Symphony.The combination of microphone misplacement - it was almost a trumpet concerto - and a lack of cohesion by the band - inaudible strings- Brophy had better stick to his milieu. I can' t believe, as a fairly good Fri. night attender, that it airs so badly.
I have been trying to get Lyric through the rte website and while the website comes through the links dont work to play sound. I like to listen back to Marty in the morning but none of the links will work for me... Is anyone else having this problem
Despite my earlier somewhat negative comments on Marty W., I have to admit that I do (while driving) enjoy his little soap opera!
Enjoying Elspeth Hanson who is standing in for Marty. More music and less nonsense, interviews and recipes, not to mention that awful radio soap opera he reads. More Elspeth please!
Another great show from John Kelly: Killian Murphy is very grounded and real, and an interesting selection of toons!
That was an amazing show with that lady designer, I only wish my daughter could afford the time to listen in, so inspiring. Keep up the good work.
Have just listened to the broadcast on 'minstrelsy' - what an impressive show!
Love Vox Nostra. Great way to wake up on Sunday. I'm a complete sucker for early music and nearly all "sacred" music. Also any classical guitar. I agree with Gregory Shank. Cool, calming music is good for driving. Pounding rock has it's uses as well. Joe (Dublin)
Wheres Marty?
Lyric fm literally saved my life. In 2014, my wife and I embarked on a three week driving tour of Ireland and I was new to driving on the “proper” side of the road. Luckily, I found Lyric FM, and it kept me calm, and from going insane while driving. Four years later, I still listen to the stream every day. It has changed my life! Thank you! Gregory (USA)
Prince Buster and Madness on Lyric, Nice one John Kelly..
Listening now, a wonderful set by led zeppelin. Thank you, John 9
Marianne, I beg to differ. I love the JK show and I love classical music. John Kelly played classical music all the time in his afternoon show though he also mixed it up with other musical forms, most of which I loved. It was innovative, fun, and he didn't witter too much but let the music speak for itself. What's not to like?!
it seems to me that the comments from listeners in favour of John Kelly and criticising the all-important information that we are given on the classical programmes just don't like classical music. Maybe JK should be moved to Radio One or similar and free up more time for the kind of music that Lyric is supposed to play
Guiseppe F, I think the JK Ensemble was brilliant in the afternoon slot, but I agree about the 4-6 (7?) p.m. slot and the verbal tics. Speaking of verbal tics and not wishing too appear too critical, verbal tics or, errrrrrrr, non-verbal tics abound on the late slot on weekends (not naming names either) and I find them hugely irritating. Clue is in the comment. Guess none of us is perfect...
I have been a Cork Boy since I was born there on the 12th. of January 1938. I have lived in Cardiff since 1960. I am a fluent speaker of school Irish and of evening class Welsh. I lived in Bray from 2003 to 2006 where I discovered Lyric FM. It is better than Classic FM because it includes both classic and folk music - an unbeatable cross over.
danny mccarthy... luvly
...hard to please all the people...but Mystery Train at this night-time slot is a cracker: JK plays such a diverse, well-crafted range of tunes. Re Marty W: god bless 'im, I can listen to the dear man in the car for just short journeys. The 4-6pm slot (not mentioning names) I find increasingly unlistenable - apart from the narrow range of tunes, the repeated verbal tics are just too much to bear for this listener! Carl Corcoran on Blue of the Night I sorely miss - but I think Bernard Clarke is doing a very good job!
I .so miss the JK Ensemble in the afternoons - when driving I prefer to listen to CDs than the same slices of classical music played over again easy listening yeuch! John Kelly educated my taste in music and introduced me to music you would never hear anywhere else like the Kronos Quartet, Arvo Part and jazz. Mystery train is great but now there's nothing good in the daytime.
Fed up with sub standard New Zealand radio, thank god for the internet :)
Just discovers you from Wexford recording of the operas we saw this year Fabulous s
I absolutely loved your radio station while traveling solo in Ireland for the first time. I discovered it while driving in my rental car and fell in love with the music! The music pieces kept me in grand company. Thank you so much for your beautiful selections (all shows at varying times over the past two weeks). I became inspired while listening to practice singing again as I have a untrained operatic voice.
Am missing John Kelly hugely on afternoons 2-4 p.m. What a mistake to move him to evenings. Come back John, you are one of the best presenters on Lyric. Why? Because you do not witter on endlessly about the music, composers etc. Instead you let the music speak for itself. Several other Lyric presenters could learn from this...
Enjoying the tunes afternoons here in Pasadena, CA USA. Have great friends in Tubbercurry and my family is originally from County Sligo. Have visited both.
I agree with you, Margaret Moore! Something doesn't gel with Marty Whelan's show. No offence to the man, who sounds like a really lovely sweet person and is, despite my irritation, a very accomplished radio presenter.
I have been working abroad and I'm so glad to get back to listening to Lyric again. However, I must say that where I used to find Marty Whelan amusing, I now find him irritating. And why on earth does he play so much old pop music? We have all heard that stuff ad nauseum, surely? I used to really look forward to In the Blue of the Night but some of the the music that new fellow plays (the one with the strange name) I find very repetitive and mind numbing. Maybe it's me .......
Marty Whelan rocks. Just adore his morning show and his choice in all things musical. Love the mix of classical and 'pop'. He comes across as being just a lovely man - so down to earth, honest, funny and knows his music without being a music snob. My day isn't the same when hes off the air. Always makes my start my day on a good note. See what I did there! Go Lyric FM
Couldn't agree more about JK. Carl Corcoran would be FAR more suitable in the afternoon. I'd love that. When I drive in the afternoon and hear JK I wonder have the programmers at lyric any idea what the lyric listener wants. I think Carl is the most popular of all and he's buried in the dead timeslot. Everyone I know agrees.
Originally Eamonn Lenihan was to be taking a break to write - I didn't know he was being shafted. What an awful pity (sorry Ellen). Other gripe - reels to ragas. Still miss you Gerry Godley.
Note ...the question below isn't rhetorical ....would like an answer...;-)
Has the power been reduced on the FM Signal ..used to be able to pick it up indoors in Nth Dublin with a ribbon aerial ...now reckon I need a rooftop aerial ...
What is it about RTE that makes them think that as soon as 14.00hrs comes, we all suddenly want to listen to a kind of 'specialised' music. John Kelly should be on sometime in the night.
Where's Marty?? This chirppy lady is no replacement for our Marty!! Stop trying to be funny - its not working. Im switching off Lyric again
why is the add appearing on this page keeps turning it self on no matter how many times one turns it off ???????
Woke up this morning to the lovely soft voice of Elspet Hanson.What a pleasant presenter, very competent, and an excellent selection of great music. More from Elspet please.
Many thanks to Aedin Gomley Movies and Musicals.Every Saturday(in Japan 22:00~) I enjoy listening this site.
I'm not sure if this is the right medium to tell you we had a great night at Cara O Sullivan last night Marty. Only in Cork would you hear Cara shout up to Majella Collough in 'the gods' to confirm something. John Molloy was in wonderful voice, and the arrangements for two pianos was very well done. You rock Cara, as do you Marty. Food for the soul- that is what you are.
Is the Purple Verspertine just Vespertine now? if so, good decision, though the name is still awful in my view.
I run a massage centre and my clients love Lyric Fm. I enjoyed Pat Cassidy this morning and know his family very well. I love the song Nella Fantasie. Thank you Lyric Fm
Marty is my everything in the morningnut can't get the app on train . Doesn't stream either so my day is a bigger challenge! Love ya Marty!

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