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RTÉ Lyric FM - Where Life Sounds Better

RTÉ lyric fm is an Irish classical-music radio station, owned by the public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTÉ). The station, which is based in Limerick, was launched in 1999 and is available on FM in Ireland, on satellite, on Sky Digital in Ireland and the United Kingdom, and via the Internet.

Aodan Ó Dubhghaill, Head of RTÉ lyric fm, said: “Without doubt RTÉ lyric fm is for listeners that are looking for a real alternative. With an increase in people tuning to the station ‘where life sounds better’ across weekends, there is something to satisfy everyone’s taste for specialist or more mainstream music.”


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I love Marty in the morning such an antidote to the horrors going on at the moment, I can't take any more bad news as I am stressed out enough getting two lil ones out to the school run. God bless Marty you are saving the emotional and mental health of the nation, LYRIC is simply a fantastic station
I still miss Eamonn Lenihan on the weekends, his selections of music and his mixing and creation of a mood were inspired at times.
It is often Marty that gives me the courage to get out of bed and face the day. He makes me laugh on a regular basis and so what if he likes a bit of Van Morrison. His interviews with performers are always about the guest, he makes them comfortable and does his homework beforehand, always a pleasure to listen to, Marty's selection of music suits me fine too. Even the absurd sound effects are amusing. If I really want to listen to a piece of classical music I can just play it from a disc
The problem with Marty in the Morning is not 'pop' music but poor taste
"La Verna", Donacarney,Mornington, Co.Meath.k5q87
I am listening to a live stream on my laptop on: http://www.liveradio.ie/stations/rte-lyric-fm
I used to listen to Lyric Fm om my laptop. I even uninstalled Windows 10 when i saw the player doesn't work on it. But at some point I didn't work also on Windows 7. Any recommendations? Now i am on Windows 10 again.
i am listening from the states..it's 8:30 est..great peaceful music it's very warm here tonight..your music is very calm and moving..hope to hear more as the night moves on to daylight..
Sorry for the spelling
I cann nnot wait for tonights performance on Lyric, it is the hilight of my weekend. Being on my own thw music feels up my place with sound and gives me the company and intelligence that I crave?
give Ellen a break, content is what matters. Tonight's culture file with Luke Clancy on Lorcan Murray's tea- time show was proper quality radio (is radio the right description these days)!!!
Does Ellen Cranitch (on Purple Vespertine and now tonight on Blue of the Night) really have to repeat her name and the name of the show between every piece of music and every ad break. Oh my gosh it's driving me bonkers. It's either egotism or filling in the blanks. but either way it's very offputting. BRING BACK TIM THURSTON ON SUNDAY MORNINGS. He was the best presenter of them all!
I'd like to say how unfortunate it was to lose the Blue of the Night at the weekends. It's been replaced by something called the Purple Vesper tine (I don't know either) which is presented by Ellen Cranitch. Ellen appears to be incapable of forming a sentence without including at least one 'Er' in the middle. It's hugely irritating and amateurish. I've switched off since she took over. Please bring back the original presenter. He knew what he was doing.
Oh God!!! Make it stop!!! Is Karl Corcoran playing his old friends homemade albums again? Theres a hundred-year-old witch singing at the moment, and Karl will take too long to read the details I can't wait that long! His teeth will fall out. and his glasses fall off! Make it stop!!! Brian in Ballincolig, Cork
rte lyric says it all, it has all the signs of public service radio, nobody who is incompetent is ever fired: you cant just give retirement jobs to people who have failed elsewhere: LOSE Evelyn Grant, Marty Whelan (is he on crack?), Liz Nolan, Karl Corcoran, George Hamilton - go to the Music College/Academies and get to BBC Radio 3 standard. John KELLY: call it Music for Dead People', Nursing Home Music, or 'Hospice Radio!.....
This station is a blessing, a companion on long journeys, a friend when I am down , someone to relax with in the quiet time but most of all a celebration of the wonderful world of music.
Could not disagree more with John Burke - John Kelly Ensemble and Blue of the Night with Carl Corcoran (or Eamonn Lenihan) are compelling reasons to be sonically absorbed by Lyric (Nova with Bernard Clarke is quite avant garde and usually marmite listening depending on his theme, mood - but never boring).
All in all a great selection of music, but what is going on between 2 and 4pm. The John Kelly ensemble is the most boring and sonorous program ever broadcast. Surely this should be in the 2am slot to cure any insomniacs listening in. Tuneless, arythmic rubbish for two hours each week day. Come on you can do much better.
Gay has just paid a gracious tribute on air to the late Dick Burke. I attended his funeral yesterday and it was stated in one of the tributes from the altar that he listened to Lyric FM every day.
really like your seanfhocails through seactain na Gaeilge and the irish twist on movies and musicals show
Please please bring back Tim and the Gloria team on Sunday morning. His voice is perfect and he knows that less talk is preferred among listeners to a music programme.
Ahh...it sure lifts the heart and soul, transcending all.
Still listening and I must give credit to the piece Journeys amazing and scary
Listening to the station now and that is the worst interpretation of music I have ever heard please finish it now
So good to get Marty in france
You have ruined my mornings putting LizNolan on instead of Niall Carolls usual 4 hours.Why change something that was so good.The music LizNolan plays is to obscure for me.Please bring Niall back
oi went to a ceili in cork recently and the deejay played a ceili-ized version of choy-koyski and rimskie korsakov and a ll them udder russian musicians. we was all dancing and jiving and farting to this type of music. youse would have lurved it. honest to jayses, it was brill. head for cork city soon. pull your knickers over your knee caps to get down there at half price on the train.
DEAR EVERYONE: oi just lurve r.t.e. radio three because it in not a snooty posh toipe of radio station, the mewsic is luverly, it is down to earth, and oi wish youse would play more choy-kovskie. terrible down to earth, he was. not one bit common loike some of today's song writers. we need more people like dem, don't youse agree? thanx very much for your toime, god bless, and may his holy mammy shmile down upon yiz all.
"Marty in the Morning" Marty mumblies his way through titles, Maybe slow down and articulate details more clearly .
Agree with Roberto. Please give the information of the current track on screen. Thanks.
Many thanks! Your broadcasts are a great support for those of us who find ourselves in foreign parts! Blessings upon you all!
It would be good to be able to tell what music is being played while it is on rather than have to wait for the announcer to say after it has finished.
Listening to grace notes here in Belarus is a special treat and has my feet tapping just like at home. Wonderful to have full access to such a great radio station. Slan. Peter
Just arrived in KInsale and over looking the harbour in the the beauty of the Autumn Sunshine. Good you play John Rutters Benedictus or all the friends of the Friary
Hearing the Flight of the Bumble Bee reminded me of a story told by my old drama teacher in London. When the BBC was very strict about pronunciation, one announcer was on his last chance. He had to announce the next piece of music which was by Rimsky-Korsokov, which he did, very carefully! However, he was so pleased with himself that he then announced that the name of the piece was "The Flight of the Bimble Boo"!!
We are avid listeners to Lyric, but must complain about Culture File. We can just about tolerate the short nightly airing of this boring and irrelevant prog. but to have it inflicted on us in the omnibus airing at peak listening time on a Saturday is too much altogether, a view shared by all our listening friends. Give Lorca his 30 mind back!,!
This makes me feel homesick
I love Lyric, but come on Marty, there's too much good music out there for you to play SO SO much of Van Morrisson!!
Carl Corcoran is the man for all seasons. Keep plating them obscurities that go down well with a night cap large whiskey.
Could someone teach Evelyn Grant how to pronounce Magdalen College, Oxford? Listening to Lyric yesterday she kept referring to MAGdalen College Oxford.
Kilkenny Choir singing Schuberts Mass in A on Saturdaty 9/5/2015 in St Canices Cathedral Kilkenny.8pm.
Listing to lyric FM for many years I can’t recall hearing Beethoven’s Battle of Victoria (Wellington’s victory) Please could you rectify this?
please please refer Sat Morning and music I would so love to hear again--Between Worlds was mentioned beautiful Irish dance. I have been trying to chase it up without sucess marian79annie@gmail.com
Love this show listen to it every saturday wouldnt miss it.
what a great presenter you are Marthy. I find your selection of music and your wit very relaxing especially when I am driving in heavy traffic. It is soothing. Keep it going. Well done
@ John Ford - You can listen to thousands of radio stations at your bedside if you can afford an internet radio like this one - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Roberts-Stream93i-Internet-Stereo-Speaker/dp/B008R8B8QC/ref=sr_1_1?s=receiver-speakers&ie=UTF8&qid=1412420743&sr=1-1
I love Marty in the morning. Martys music choices makes for very easy listening.His affable good humour and interaction with his listeners are the hallmark of a very good presenter indeed
Lovely to hear your voice again Trish and enjoying the sounds.
Great show liz listening here live in Zambia
I wish that RTE Lyric FM was broadcast on the main UK range of channels. i.e. along with the BBC range, Classic FM etc. I want to listen to it on my bedside radio when I am away from my PC. It really is a fantastic station, Classical but not too Classical. I live near the south coast of England.
Much better selection today than the usual movie music
love marty whelan, movies and musicals, and the jazz programmes and world music - great station

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